spinal stenosis Living with spinal stenosis can be difficult. There are a lot of people dealing with living with spinal stenosis who have been accurately and correctly diagnosed by a doctor, and there are also people who are suffering with spinal stenosis who do not know why or what is causing their pain and discomfort. If you are suffering from any type of back pain or loss of bodily functions and or motor skills, you may have spinal stenosis, or another spine or back disorders, and it is important that you have yourself checked out by a doctor who can accurately diagnose you and thus begin to treat you. An accurate diagnosis is the key when it comes to treating and curing the symptoms and pain you are dealing with. If you are looking for an accurate and correct diagnosis there are a lot of different doctors and medical professionals who can help you out, and some of the leading ones in the country are the ones at the Neurological & Spine Associates who are located in Boulder, Colorado. This medical center, commonly referred to as BNASURG for short, is a place you can go when you are seeking medical consultation, advice, and treatment for a brain or spine disorder. There are an abundant amount of qualified spine surgeons as well as neurosurgeons at the Boulder Neurological & Spine Associates medical center in Boulder, Colorado that are experts in the field of orthopedics and neurological surgery and are committed to excellence when it comes to patient care.

There are many ways in which to seek out an initial consultation and appointment with one of the many highly skilled and highly trained doctors at the Boulder Neurological & Spine Associates medical center. If you have already had an MRI done by a doctor and are looking for a first or second opinion about your scans and xrays, then there is a doctor at the BNASURG who is more than happy, willing, and capable to meet with you and give you their professional opinion about your condition. This is a medical center that offers a free initial MRI review for their patients who are seeking advice about their health. There are many people who are seeking help and treatment when it comes to their brain and spinal disorders who have not yet gotten the answers that they need, and that is where the people at the BNASURG come in. This is a place where the medical staff are trained to help people regain their lives after suffering with a brain or spine injury or condition. These doctors and surgeons are completely committed to the work that they do in the field of neurological studies and they are going to do absolutely everything in their power to make sure that you are getting the help and treatment that you need, and this includes seeing you for a cost free MRI review. This MRI review will help determine what the best plan of action is when it comes to your health.

spine surgeonYou do not have to live with pain anymore when there are doctors like the ones at the Neurological & Spine Associates at the spine and brain medical facility that is located in Boulder, Colorado. Here you will find committed and dedicated neurological specialists and spine surgeons who are helping people who are suffering from brain, neurological, and spinal disorders find the treatment, care, and relief that they are looking for. There is no need to suffer with the pain you are experiencing as a result of your spinal stenosis when there are people like the ones at the BNASURG. This is a place that has dedicated themselves to innovating new and advanced treatments when it comes to spine and brain disorders and they want to help you find relief. This is a group of doctors and medical staff who are committed to providing excellent services to their patients, from an initial free MRI review to laser spine surgery. These are the people that know it all and do it all when it comes to the treatment and prevention of spinal and brain disorders. They know that these medical disorders have an immense impact on a wide variety of people living all over the United States and the world and they are committed to helping as many of these people as they can.

The first step to finding a cure for your pain and relief from your symptoms is to find a doctor that you can trust, rely, and count on to help you. If you have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis or any other type of brain or spinal disorder then you have most likely met with numerous health care professionals that are experts in the field of neurological and orthopedic medicine. If you have had a magnetic resonance image (MRI) taken of your spine and are looking for a neurosurgeon or spine surgeon who is highly specialized when it comes to spine and brain disorders then you might want to think about looking into the spine and brain experts at the Neurological & Spine Associates at the spine and brain medical facility that is located in Boulder, Colorado. Here you will find committed and dedicated surgeons and doctors who will make sure that you are getting the care that you need, and this starts with offering you a free MRI review so that you can go over your medical history and symptoms. This initial consult is such an important, and even vital step, when it comes to your treatment and it is important that you are meeting with a doctor who is an expert on your condition. After your initial consultation and appointment with one of the doctors at the Neurological & Spine Associates you will hopefully feel more comfortable and confident about the treatment that you will receive at this medical center and be on your way to a healthier and happier life that is free of pain. There is a spine surgeon or neurosurgeon at the BNASURG who can help you so do not hesitate to make an appointment with them today.

neurosurgeonSometimes seemingly mundane symptoms can be the sign of something more serious.  One example of this is back pain.  When most people get back pain, they assume there is an external problem.  However, back pain is often a symptom of a neurological issue.  That is why it is important to go to a specialist if you have chronic back pain.  When it comes to neurological issues, the specialist you need to see is a neurosurgeon.  As with many other types of specialists, you need to go to certain institutes to receive treatment for neurological issues.  If you or a loved one is suffering from pain and other symptoms related to a neurological issue, you should find the nearest reputable neurological institute. There, you will be able to receive the necessary tests to diagnose your condition properly.  This is of the utmost importance, since neurological conditions can easily be misdiagnosed if you are not dealing with a neurological specialist.  The treatments, when it comes to these conditions, are no easier to complete successfully than the diagnosis.  Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors, surgery is often the best form of treatment.  To make matters worse, the surgeries involved are often highly invasive.  Not only that, nerve cells cannot regenerate, so if a mistake is made, the damage cannot ever be reversed.  That is why, you need to be sure your diagnosis is correct, before undergoing any treatments.  Neurological institutions can provide a service known as a spine surgeon MRI review, in which they can diagnose your condition using a series of MRI’s.  An MRI is one of the best tests to determine if there are problems with the central nervous system.  The human nervous system is divided into two subcategories, known as the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system.  The central nervous system consists only of the brain and spinal cord and is responsible for controlling pretty much everything in your body.  The peripheral nervous system, on the other hand, consists of all the other nerves that run throughout your body.  Obviously, conditions that affect the central nervous system tend to be more severe, as the central nervous system is the control center for the entire body.  Because it is connected to many different systems in your body, a problem in your spinal cord can have devastating effects throughout your body.  Your spinal cord connects to your organs and muscles, so if it is damaged, entire portions of your body can lose function.  That is why surgery often is the wisest option, despite the risks.  An unchecked problem with your central nervous system can have truly devastating effects.  Besides, the techniques used in surgery are advancing, which is diminishing the risk involved.  There is no such thing as a surgery involving the spine that has no risks involved, but there have been a lot of advancements.  As a matter of fact, laser spine surgery, which was once viewed as ineffective, has now been developed to the point that it is a valid surgical method.  These technological advancements are already revolutionizing surgical procedures.

spinal stenosis

When you go through back surgery it is a life changing event and one that makes you thankful for the help you got along the way. I had minimally invasive laser surgery to correct the lumbar spinal stenosis in my back and I am healing up nicely. I don’t know why I ever waited so long to get this surgery in the first place, when I look back at the time I spent in pain I realize that I held off on surgery because I was scared of something going wrong and it having lasting effects on my body. It may be an overreaction but spinal surgery is no joke and something I didn’t want to play around with.

My first step in a health back was to do research and find the very best neurosurgeon in Colorado. I live in Broomfield but I was wiling to travel to any of the four corners of the state if it meant I would be in good hands. I was already cleared for medical leave from my company so travel and time away from work was not an issue for me. For the most part my requirements for where I would get my surgery done were this: plenty of experience in the field AND excellent patient reviews. I wasn’t concerned with the technical mumbo-jumbo and what kind of state of the art this-or-that one place had. What I wanted to know is how is the patient experience, not only during the procedure but before and afterwards as well. Does the place offer a patient navigator type person to walk you through the process from start to finish? Are they highly rated among other doctors and medical journals? Do they do their own MRI reviews? and more.

The last part was especially important to me because I wanted to go to a place that could read my MRI reviews and give me the information straight. I wanted to hear it right from the neurologist or the radiologist and not have to be at the end of a big game of telephone. That way if there were any questions I had I could ask them directly and have my answers immediately. I remember getting an MRI in a hospital a while back and it took nearly an hour to get results and when I had a specific question for my nurse she had to call the radiologist and that took extra time to get a response.

The actual procedure was amazingly quick and virtually painless. The pre-op procedure included IV fluids and pain medication as well as a local anesthetic on the area of my lower back where the surgery would take place. I am so glad I went with BNSA (Boulder Neurosurgical Spine Associates) because they have the finest collection of neurosurgeons in the state.

Now that my surgery has been over and my rehab assignments are all completed I feel young again. No longer do I have the tingling and numbness in my lower back and buttocks that plagued me for so many years.

spinal stenosis

There are so many things I loved about my experience with the Boulder Neurosurgical and Spine Associates I don’t really know where to start. One thing that really impressed me is the fact that they do their own MRI review so you can speak directly with your physician or surgeon about the results of the scan. As someone who has injured themselves a lot in the past and has had to have a lot of MRIs, I can tell you it makes a huge difference for the MRI scans to be read by the place that is actually doing your procedure.

The main thing that I liked and what impressed me the most about their operation is the level of commitment they have to the patient. During my time with them I honestly felt like I was a member of their family because they treated me with such warmth and compassion. You could tell that they didn’t regard me as just another case on their calendar but to them I was a person with a family and needs just like they are. I spoke with one of the surgical technicians who worked along side the doctors and he said their philosophy is to treat each patient as if they were your family member. He said when he has a female patient he always imagines his mother on the operating table or in the recovery room and he act according to how he would want her treated. This could mean being more thorough in your explanation of the procedure, giving the patient a warm blanket so they feel safe and secure, calling the patient after the procedure to make sure they are healing properly and being transparent about the goings on of the clinic and what they do there. They know that laser spine surgery is a major event for their patients and many people have a very high level of anxiety about it. Because of this the hire the most compassionate and caring people they can find to make each patient feel unique and cared for.

Another thing I liked about BNSA was the actual facility itself. The place was clean and modern, inviting and friendly. Every person I encountered while I was there seemed to embody their simply credo of putting the patient’s needs and wants first. They offered me water and snacks while I waited to be seen for my consultation and when I went in for my actual procedure they remembered me and our conversation we had previously, which is always a nice touch. I think everyone in that position would be anxious and nervous about a big event like back surgery and whenever anyone can ease that tension with some nice conversation it really helps take your mind off of things.

Today my spinal stenosis is long gone and the scar that is left behind is almost gone as well. I can move freely again and I feel like I am a new man. No more moaning and groaning, now I move pain free.

Baseball might be America’s past time, but football is the most watched sport in the United States. Every week from September to January, enthusiastic fans pack stadiums and sports bars everywhere to watch their favorite players and teams don helmets and tackle one another. It is an extremely physical sport, with enormous potential for injury every time a player sets food on the field, but a beloved sport watched by tens of millions of people.

There are many health risks that amateur and professional players alike might fact in their careers. Younger boys who are not fully developed but playing football run the risk of brain damage and impairment because their bodies are not well equipped or developed to handle such rough contact. Older players face similar risks, but on a grander scale. Some of the heaviest football players in the history of the professional league have weighed nearly 400 pounds. Being hit by someone that size can lead to concussions, broken bones, and chronic conditions such as spinal stenosis. Medical professionals line the fields of every major football game, all the way from neurosurgeons to dentists. The life expectancy of football players is actually lower than the rest of the population, but many people seem to continue to want to make that trade-off, as being a successful professional football player can be extremely lucrative.

Many times a broken bone can end a player’s season, but some of the other injuries are less apparent until later on. A particularly rough hit can leave a player suffering from chronic lower back pain months later, which might even need to be corrected with laser spine surgery. Some of the heavier players suffer from complications due to obesity, such as diabetes or heart disease. Certain conditions are reversible with proper care after a player’s career is over, but others are not so easily treated. Repeated concussions for example can cause disorientation, blindness, and even dementia later on in life, and it is difficult to imagine that at the time a player is signing a multi-million dollar contract.

There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration as we better come to understand the health risks to professional and amateur football players. Many studies are being down on how repeated hits to the head affect players’ mental health, and the league and its organizers have looked into ways to increase the likelihood of spotting concussions right away, rather than potentially sending an injured player back into the game because his symptoms are not immediately apparent. It is a testament to how far football has come that the type of force and hit can be studied with the newer helmets, helping to determine how to train players to more safely tackle. Any action that can be taken to increase the safety of the players while still maintaining the fun of the game will be well received on all fronts. People love football in the United States, but do not want to see players suffer from life-altering and lasting injuries. The presence of all the different types of doctors on the sidelines is testament to that fact.

laser spine surgery

spinal stenosisLaser spine surgery may seem like a good alternative when pain is at the front and center of your life each day. At this point, you may just want relief. The relief you’re craving is within reach – if so deemed by a neurosurgeon, however there are a few considerations that must be kept in mind before taking the leap:

Underlying Conditions – some conditions can restrict chronic pain sufferers from undergoing routine surgery, even if it’s minimally invasive. This is because the risks may be far greater than the relief you crave. As an example, diabetics generally take longer to heal than patients who are otherwise in stellar health. Depending on the type of diabetes you have and your history with healing times, the doctor may postpone or provide some other treatment until a resolution can be found.

The Pain Score – ever been to a doctor and have been asked what’s the level of pain you’re experiencing on a scale of one to ten? If your pain is maxed out, the surgeon may think that surgery is the only option for helping you live a better quality of life. While most individuals can adapt to pain, some pain levels are hard to ignore.

A spine surgeon is better able to diagnose your condition and health to deem if surgery is the best alternative. Some risk factors include existing underlying conditions, age, and allergies. Some conditions as discussed earlier may hinder fast healing, or may be affected by surgery. It’s important to patients to get several opinions before making a final decision.

laser spine surgeryLaser spine surgery is a popular option among extreme back pain sufferers, but many surgeons will be reluctant to perform these types of surgeries as the first options due to the risks involved. Some of the risks include loss of nerve function, damage to the spinal cord, which can also affect one’s ability to move normally, as well as infections that are common post-surgery. So what are the alternatives you may ask? These include a mixture of one of more treatment options including:

  • Diet – the doctor may prescribe highly concentrated glucosamine in order to target those with spinal problems relating to arthritis and the damage of joints. This restorative substance increases mobility and eases inflammation and pain.
  • Exercise – must be coordinated with a physical therapist rather than being done on one’s own. The physical therapist will know the precise exercises that are needed in order to strengthen the spine while at the same time avoiding further damage to an already sensitive area.
  • Sleep – stress and sleep deprivation can also affect one’s ability to heal faster. The body has an innate ability to heal itself when it’s in proper balance. As such, getting eight or more hours of sleep each day can promote further healing, especially during rehabilitation. If surgery is done, then the doctor will also recommend packing in sufficient rest each day in order to cope with the strains of recovery.

Pain Killers – that range from different levels in potency may also be prescribed by a certified spine surgeon to help manage pain.

spine surgeonWhen you think of neurosurgeons one of the first things that come to mind is the treatment of ailments in the brain. However because the brain is regarded as the headquarter where every message is transmitted and approved, neurosurgeons will also work with other connections to the brain such as the spine, the central nervous system and varied nerve related illnesses. It’s extremely common for individuals who have spine injuries to visit top recommended neurosurgeons in order to restore their functionality.

As an example, someone who has been injured in a car accident may first head to a neurosurgeon if they’ve experience paralysis in order to see their chances of ever walking again. Another professional that such injured parties may visit include spine surgeons. Both medical professionals will usually run either a CT scan, MRI review or even an x-ray to answer this question about mobility to the patient.

In another example, if the patient has a tumor in their spine, a neurosurgeon may step in to operate, especially when there are many risks involved. One mistake can leave an able-bodied individual paralyzed or disabled from touching the wrong nerve for instance. A neurosurgeon has to study for a minimum of fourteen plus years in this field. Spine surgeons will need similar timeframes for tertiary course completions.

One of the best ways to select your neurosurgeon is to conduct research regarding how many operations are performed annually, their success rates and speaking with past patients who have had success with similar conditions to your own.

laser spine surgeryLaser spine surgery carries risks too, even though it decreases many of the dangers of open back surgery. A laser or endoscopic tool is used through a very small incision – look on a ruler or measuring tape for how wide one inch is to get a better idea of the scar levels. The surgeon uses tools to reach targeted areas in the spine and make fixes such as fusions, replacement of herniated discs, the removal of a portion of the spine and much more. With these procedures comes the following side effects:

Infection – all surgeries and even cuts carry some risk of infection from bacteria. If you tend to watch a lot of medical related shows you will notice that patients oftentimes become infected with strep bacteria and other types that can be toxic. This isn’t only related to the hospital’s hygiene but it can stem from the strength of the patients’ immune system too. This is the reason why a thorough physical examination is usually conducted before any operations are approved.

Drug Interactions – some patients may not be aware of their allergies to certain types of analgesics. As a result, the local anesthesia may need to devise other alternatives and backup treatments just in case their doses respond negatively on the patient.

Nerve Damage – because this area is linked to a plethora of nerves, it’s not uncommon for some parts of the nerve to be damaged. This side effect is usually evident following surgery.

It’s important for spine surgeons to cover all the risks before asking patients to sign a consent form for surgery.

Spinal injuries can vary in all types and what the solution for them can range as well. Bye-bye getting your spine look at in getting a spinal review done you can be on your way to getting things taken care of. An MRI review is what you need to first take a look and see what is going on with the pain that is happening in your spine. When you have pain it is hard to live and do the daily activities that you enjoy doing. It can cause you not to be able to do your regular work and other activities that you enjoy.laser spine surgery It is necessary for you to get pain relief in order for you to sometimes even do the most basic of tasks. Living life like this can be hard but luckily there are solutions they can help you with your pain. Laser spinal surgery may not be for everybody but by doing the MRI review you can consult with a spine surgeon to see if it is going to work for you. By being able to have this is an option you can finally take care of the pain that has been plaguing you for years. You will feel better once you know that you can have the pain relieved and once the pain is gone life can be so much better that you can go on living without the extreme pain. Discuss with your doctor if surgery is right for you. Your doctor can let you know if you are a candidate and your chances of success during the surgery and chances of relieving your pain. Get an MRI review with a spine surgeon and they can give you a great idea of exactly what type of surgery is available.

If you are suffering from back pain and are looking for ways to try to relieve your pain you may want to speak with a neurosurgeon and get an MRI review. In neurosurgeon can look at an MRI and let you know if you are a candidate for laser spine surgery. Depending on what is causing your back pain may be caused by a number of things. But if you have back pain often caused by a pinched nerve or spinal column you might be a candidate for laser spine surgery. Laser spine surgery can be a great option for many people who suffer for back pain. It is very precise due to the use of lasers and by being able to get into very small spots a neurosurgeon can hit exactly where you needs to to alleviate the pain in your back.laser spine surgery Back pain can keep you from doing many things that you enjoy. Simple things like exercising and even playing with kids and grandkids.
For some people the pain can get so bad that it is even hard to get out of bed. Many people have different thresholds for pain and whether or not it is causing you to miss out on life it can still be very hard to live with a lot of pain in your back. This is the perfect way for you to see if you can get relief from your pain. By getting an MRI review you can find out if a neurosurgeon can help you with your back pain. Getting the MRI is a simple procedure and is painless in itself. But he can be the first step for you to know whether or not you can get your back pain taking care of and out of your life.

If you were having constant pain with your back you will want to speak with a spine surgeon about your problems. They can do an MRI review with you and go through all the areas of your back that may be causing you a lot of pain. Often times people go and see their family doctor to help get rid of back pain. But often time’s medication is prescribed to be able to get rid of the pain.spine surgeon If there is constant Pain occurring in your back you will want to get a referral to go see a spine surgeon to be able to get your pain taking care of. Spine surgeon can do an MRI review with you and find directly where the problem location is. By being able to get a clear picture back of the disks and nerves in your back makes it possible to determine what exactly is going on. They canhighlight all of your problem areas and show you exactly what he needs to happen in order to alleviate the pain. Often times it is different for everyone where the problem situation is. But often there are also the most common ways to get rid of the pain. Yes you can take medication but by being able to actually correct the problem you can live pain-free without having to take medication to take care of your problem. When you get an MRI review done you’ll be able to take the first afford in figuring out exactly what needs to be done to eliminate the pain being caused in your back.

MRI ReviewThe Boulder Spine Center is the only state within the four state region of Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Arizona that has the most advanced and state of the art MRI machine that is used to identify and diagnose tumors and other neurological and spine disorders in the human body. An MRI Review is done by a professional and skilled doctor as well as a neurosurgeon to determine what is going on in your brain or spine so that they can find a treatment that is going to help the patient. There are many different ways that MRI technologies have advanced over the years and the professional and expert doctors at the Boulder Spine Center are one of the few that are using such advanced technologies. This MRI system is just one of the many things that makes this spine and brain center in Boulder, Colorado one of the most advanced in the country. These doctors are using the best of the best when it comes to modern and revolutionary technology so that they can better treat and care for their patients and make sure that they are getting the help that they need for the brain or spine issue that they are having. This MRI scanner helps doctors determine the cause of pain and issues in the body and thus allows them to determine the best route of treatment which may include surgery such as laser spine surgery or one of the many other advanced surgeries that they perform in Boulder.

spinal stenosisIf you are experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort in your back or neck or head you may have an underlying neurological disorder and it is important to get it checked out by a professional doctor or neurosurgeon who can properly diagnose you. You may need an initial MRI to see what is going on inside your brain and your spine and the doctors at the Boulder Spine Center can review your MRI for free at an initial consultation so that you can get a proper and accurate diagnosis of what is going on in your body and with your health. It is important to get this initial consultation done so that you are your doctors can figure out what is going on internally and decide whether or not you are in need of surgery in order to correct an issue that is going on in your body. There is no need to live with the pain that you are experiencing when there are experts like the ones at the Boulder Spine Center who can help you and treat you. If you are living with an undiagnosed spine condition like spinal stenosis there are a lot of options that you have for treatment and you do not have to worry because you are in the hands of professionals at the Boulder Spine Center. Spinal stenosis is something that goes undiagnosed in a lot of people but that can cause a lot of problems and issues in your body and you want to get it treated as soon as possible.

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